Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale:
  1. “Buyer” means the person or company who buys or agrees to buy the Products from the Seller.
  2. “Seller” means Homeway Furniture Pty Ltd. T/A Aarons Furniture.
  3. “aaronsfurniture” is a registered trademark of Cormeli Solutions Pty Ltd.
Payment and Order Placement
  1. A deposit is required at the time of order placement
  2. Any outstanding balance must be paid on or prior to delivery or pick up, depending on the payment method negotiated.
  3. Acceptable forms of payment are cash on delivery. Cheques are not accepted in any form. If the Buyer has negotiated a specific price and payment method, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the agreed payment method is used to clear the outstanding balance, otherwise a surcharge will apply or delivery delayed.
  4. All products remain the property of the Seller until full payment is received.
  5. The Seller reserves the right to cancel any order at any time, with all deposited payments being refunded to the Buyer.
Delivery/Pick up
  1. Delivery/pick up dates as stated at order placement time are approximate. When the furniture is ready, the Seller will contact the Buyer to ensure that someone will be at the delivery address or available for pick up.
  2. The Seller typically delivers furniture on Saturdays. However other days/evenings may need to be used depending on the Buyer’s location.
  3. Deliveries are to ground floor locations only.
  4. Pickup is expected within 7 days of notification from the Seller.
  5. The Buyer must notify the Seller at the time of order placement regarding difficult delivery access, including staircases, narrow passages or areas of awkward access that may restrict, delay or prevent delivery. All delivery charges will be the responsibility of the Buyer, including any additional costs incurred as the result of difficulties with access or the need for re-delivery.
Furniture Specifications
  1. All furniture is made of the same construction, timbers, veneers, fittings and specifications as the equivalent display models in our showroom
  2. The Buyer must be solely responsible for their final selection including the suitability of a particular design, its dimensions, covering (fabric, vinyl or leather), and colour.
  3. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the furniture will fit in their home or office.
  4. The Buyer must choose carefully as the Seller does not refund or exchange due to change of mind or incorrect selection.
  5. As the Seller does not manufacture any chairs or barstools, it is possible for the measurements of any newly supplied chairs and barstools to vary from those being displayed by the Seller.
Receipt of Furniture
  1. On receipt or pickup of the furniture, the Buyer must inspect it.
  2. The outstanding balance is required to be paid as per the agreed payment method.
  3. The Buyer will be issued with a receipt.
  4. The Seller does not make packaging for any of the furniture.
  5. Should the Buyer wish to pick up their furniture from the Seller’s store, the Buyer is required to bring their own soft blankets and tarpaulins to protect the furniture while it is in transit. The Buyer may also need ropes to secure the furniture while it is in transit.
  6. The Seller is not responsible for the goods once they have changed hands (this includes third party pick ups).
  7. Most of the furniture will be delivered directly from the factory. As such, with the nature of a working timber factory, it is highly probable that there will be amounts of dust in and on the furniture when it is delivered.
  8. Doors and drawers may need to be adjusted once the furniture has been put in place. This is not the responsibility of the Seller or the delivery company. Uneven flooring (especially Tiled flooring) needs to be catered for by the Buyer either by adjusting doors and drawers, or by placing packing under the furniture to make it level.
  1. The new furniture may exhibit different characteristics to the sample of showroom furniture. Colour swatches and samples are to be used as an approximate guide only, as fabrics, vinyls and leathers vary in colour and texture.
  2. Each piece of timber furniture is especially unique due to differences in timber grain and colouring.
  3. The Seller uses solid timber tops on all furniture unless otherwise specified on the Buyers invoice.
  4. Single tree “slabs” of timber are not used by the Seller when making any furniture tops
  5. Freshly stained furniture will typically be lighter in colour than aged showroom furniture. The colour will always richen and darken over time.
  6. The solid tops are crafted by butting solid timber planks together to make one piece. As such, it is reasonable to expect that the timber joints will move as the solid pieces of timber expand and contract, depending on the local climate and humidity levels.
  7. “Rustic” and “Rough Sawn” panelled style furniture will have gaps between the panelling that will open and close over time depending on environmental factors. This is an expected feature of this style of “Rustic” furniture and is not a fault or problem in any way.
  8. “Rustic” or “Merch” timber can contain varying amounts of natural markings, gum/sap marks, as well as putty filled holes and knots.
  9. “Rough Sawn” style timber will contain the same characteristics as rustic timber, but can also have man made saw marks, scuffs, and unfilled holes.
  10. Naturally occurring markings in the timber will always colour differently. This is more noticeable on White/Grey/Lime Wash type finishes. These colour variations with the timber are unavoidable, and are not a problem with the timber, nor is it a problem with the stained finish.
  11. The process of “Colour Matching” timber stains is performed by human hand and eye, and is in no way guaranteed to be an exact match. While the Seller endeavors to match as closely as possible to the Buyers colour sample that is provided, the accuracy of the final result will be greatly affected by the differences in timber species, timber grain and finish between the Buyer’s sample and the Seller’s completed products.
  12. “Colour Matching” to a Buyer’s sample that is not solid timber (eg. Laminate or Veneer) can be especially difficult, and will add to the likelihood of colour inaccuracy.
Essential Care of Furniture
  1. Extra care should be taken in the initial months of receiving the furniture, until the lacquer has had an opportunity to fully harden.
  2. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight or high humidity, away from heaters and fireplaces.
  3. Do not put hot or abrasive objects onto the furniture.
  4. Always use heat resistant placemats.
  5. Do not leave wet cloths or liquid spills on the furniture.
  6. Only use recommended cleaning products. (Bees Wax for polishing timber furniture)
  7. Polish timber furniture more frequently during dry periods to prevent cracking.
  8. Do not use abrasive cleaners or silicon based polishing products.
  9. Failure to regularly polish timber will cause the timber to excessively dry out, shrink, split or crack. This mistreatment will void your warranty.
  10. When dusting timber furniture, use a soft dry cloth, in the direction of the grain, not in a circular motion.
  11. Clean up spillages, especially alcohol or acid based liquids, immediately.
  12. It is recommended that fabric lounges and dining chairs be professionally scotchgarded. Fabric furniture will also need to be vacuumed from time to time.
  13. Vinyl furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth (that has been immersed in clean water). Do not use chemicals or other cleaning products, as this will weaken and damage the vinyl surface.
  1. This document, along with the order invoice, is the Buyer’s written warranty. The Buyer should retain both, especially the order invoice, as it is the proof of purchase document. Proof of purchase is required for warranty work.
  2. A 5 year manufacturer’s warranty is offered on all custom made, Australian made timber furniture, for residential use only.
  3. Warranty on Australian made timber furniture applies to workmanship and the timber itself.
  4. All timber furniture is finished with a single pack lacquer unless otherwise specified.
  5. Timber repair or replacement is at the discretion of the Seller once an inspection has been performed.
  6. All transportation costs for warranty work will be borne by the Buyer.
  7. Imported furniture, as sold by the Seller, is limited to the manufacturers’ warranty. A warranty is not provided by the Seller.
  8. All Australian made lounges are provided with a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty, for residential use only.
  9. Warranty on Australian made lounges and lounge chairs applies to workmanship, accessories (zippers, lounge feet etc), timber frame, metal springs and webbing.
  10. All commercial use furniture comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  11. All mattresses are limited to the manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to the warranty card supplied by the manufacturer with the mattress.
  12. The Seller does not warrant any fabric, vinyl or leather.
  13. Lounge repair is at the discretion of the Seller once an inspection has been performed.
  14. If it is found that the furniture has been damaged by the Buyer, the Seller may offer to repair the furniture, however, repair and transport costs will be borne by the Buyer.
  15. The Seller does not accept any responsibility for damage caused by the buyer when using any third party cleaning products.
  16. Inappropriate cleaning methods, above average or excessive loading or the failure to properly care for the furniture could void the warranty as supplied by the Seller or Manufacturer.
  17. Placing protective glass directly on a timber surface without air spacers between the surfaces will not allow the timber to breathe and will void the timber warranty.
      It is still important that you polish the timber top regularly, so that the timber doesn’t excessively dry out, shrink, split or crack.
  18. It is natural for solid timber table tops to bow up and down depending on dry or humid conditions when a pedestal base is used. This is not a problem with the timber top. Placing glass on the table top will only accentuate this natural occurrence in the timber.